Are you interested in robotics?

You've come to the right place.  Inventors from 10 to 82 are welcome here.   At RRC our beginning robot of choice is the Lego Mindstorms. This system is easy to program and easy to build making it the perfect robot to learn on. Whether you have experience or not doesn't matter.   Learning to build and program is done through both non-competitive intra-club challenges as well as through competitive international challenges.  Several experienced programmers are on hand to make sure club members succeed at whatever challenge they are working on, whether it's moving forward, following a line, or putting out a fire.   We meet on Fridays - but check the schedule for the exact dates.  We are open to all so feel free to visit any of our meetings.

New Robot Builders Welcome First Fridays

You want to try out Robotics?  Come and join us the first Friday of any month and we will have a robot for you to build and program.  

Our Mission

To build a robot to take over the world! -  :) No really, to help and educate anyone wanting to learn about robotics.

2017 Goals

Code of Conduct

  1. Please show common courtesy to fellow Members and Guests by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior. 
  2.  We are professionals. We represent the Reno Robot Club by showing respect for each other and other teams or individuals that we compete with.

  3.  Reno Robot Club is a team - although we may work on individual challenges, we are here to help one another succeed and excel beyond our own personal abilities.

  4.  We encourage one another and celebrate our successes as well as the success of our teammates.

  5.  We are willing to learn from our coaches, mentors and from one another.