Can't make to a class in Reno?  Try these from home!

  • Beginners - Build and Program a Bumper Bot - Scroll down to start
  • Intermediate - Build and program a Line Following Bot

  • Beginning Lego - Bumper Bot

One of the most basic toys most kids have see is a bumper car.  The car self drive forward and when it runs in to an object it turns around and goes the other way.  This is the very basic of a robotics and this is where we will start.

This lesson will guide you through building the bot to programming it.

Part1 - Build a basic robot using Lego NXT or EV3 kits

  • Build a rolling bot...
    • Here is a picture of a basic bot to build.  The links to full instructions is below the picture - This will also work for the intermediate lessons.

Click for - NXT kit Building Instructions or EV3 kit build instructions.

Once you have the bot built next comes the programming.  Think about how a bumper car works and try answering the following questions...

  • Can you make a step by step list of what the robot needs to do?
  • In the build instructions we use a switch sensor to sense an object.  Can you use a different sensor and which one?