Arduino Robot Build

  1. You will need to purchase a Arduino starter kit.
    1. We recommend from Amazon
    2. If you already have an Arduino and want to use it that will work also.  We will help you buy the parts as we go.
  2. Download the needed software to your computer
    1. Get the Arduino IDE software here They do ask for a donation but it is not necessary now.  We will make a donation as a club.
    2. If you have trouble or don't feel comfortable doing this, don't worry, we will help you on the first meeting.
  3. Come to the next many meetings with your Kit and a laptop of any kind.  The laptop will be needed to interface and program the Arduino board.

Press me for Binary Counter Final Code example

Press me for Binary Counter Final Code example#2

Arduino Part 3

 Lets build a clock!

  1. Build a clock program and display the time in HR:MIN:SEC on the display output of the Arduino Software.
    1. What variables will you need?
    2. How will you time the program so you can count seconds?
    3. How will you count the minutes, hours, and AM/PM?
    4. Try to build this program on your own then click the link below to see how to start or how your compares.
    5.  Click me for help - I am not the full answer but will get you started.
    6. Test your program - Does your clock keep good time over 24 hours?  If not how do you adjust it?
    7. Click Me for even more help - This program in untested.
    8. Click here for an example of the working clock program.  You will still need to adjust it if time drifts.
  2. Display the time using LEDs or Segmented display
    1. We will start on building Nov 17th
    2. Look at your display and see if you can find specifications sheet that will help you program for the display.
    3. Click here for the drawing of how to wire the LCD display
    4. Click here for the final program that will run your LCD
  3. Start Building our new Robot
    1. Starting early Dec 1 to build the Arduino Bot