Our first changes!

We are continuing our theme of using what we can to keep costs down.

 From all the other wheel chairs we disassembled we found 4 wheels that were almost double in size.  As you can see we installed the larger wheels.  Now we are now up to almost 10MPH.  There were other advantage to going to the larger wheels in that we have spare wheels and hubs to go with them.  Although the spare hubs will need nome slight machining (Cut the hole to 3/4 inch and add 3/16 key slot).


We have also added the original T bar from the frame back on that used to hold large caster wheels.  We have removed the caster wheels and plan to put double spinning weapons in place.  To run these weapons we are not sure the size of motor we will need.  We pulled from other old wheel chairs again and found 3 options from 200watts to 650watts.  We are going to have to to some calculations to figure out which we need.

So here is what is coming up...

  • Weapons - We can have up to 18" diameter double spinning weapons.
    • We need to build the arbors with belt pulleys for the spinning weapons
      • The plan is to make a universal arbor that will allow us to attach saw blades, beater bars, or morning stars.
    • Build the motor mount and its belt pulley
    • Possibly need a tensioner pulley?
  • Parts needed to make other things work
    • Motor controller for driving
    • Weapon parts - Ball, chain, saw blades, bar stock, square tubing.
    • Pulleys - need to get a couple of different sizes for possible weapon speed changes depending on weapon.
    • A driver or relay for the weapon
    • Batteries - Not sure how many Amp hours we will need.

That is so far - The next post will be in a couple weeks